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Warranty and return

Official warranty

Products in our online store are original, have a full set of documents from the manufacturer and, accordingly, are provided with a manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty service is performed at the service centers listed in the warranty card (service books) for a period of 1 year or more, depending on the manufacturer. At detection of any defects of goods purchased from us or in the event of damage, the first thing, consult your nearest service center listed on your warranty card.
After purchase be sure to keep receipts from purchased items – they will be needed for warranty repairs in the event of a defect. If the service center recognizes the case of warranty, repairs are free. If the case is not recognized by the warranty, the service center will contact you and inform you the cost of repair, after which you take a decision on further action.

Please note that the warranty does not apply in case of improper use of the product:
• deformation, shock, drop and mechanical damage (dents, nicks, spalling, deformation, lack of parts, etc.);
• traces of unauthorized opening of the out-of-warranty service center (scratches in the joints, damaged screw slots, fingerprints inside the mechanism, non-standard food item, etc.);
• traces of exposure to the product high (more than +50°C) or low (less than -20°C) temperatures (changes of fabric, color, external damage, etc.);
• damage (internal and external), caused by any external mechanical impact, shock or vibratory loads, use of external force to the parts (broken or missing glass, cracks, scratches, cracks, chips, deformation of materials and parts, scrapping, bending, contortion, pasrev or stretching of the parts, etc.);
• damage resulting from the effects of moisture and associated with the violation of the rules of operation;
• damage caused by contact with the product to caustic chemicals or solvents (alkalis, acids, mercury and its vapors, solvents, plastics, etc.);
• damage caused by ingestion of foreign objects, substances, insects;
• other damages caused by intentional or negligent actions of the buyer or a violation of the rules of operation.

Not a defect:
• discharge the battery (batteries) installed by the manufacturer;
• natural wear of the elements during operation;

• natural abrasion of the surface during use;

Is not a defect!
• deviation of the seconds hand from the strokes of the scale within the value specified in the instruction and the warranty coupon;
• misalignment of the hour and minute hands within the amount specified in the instructions and the warranty card;
• loose the hour and minute hands within the amount specified in the instructions and the warranty card;
• deviation of the average accuracy within the amount specified in the instructions and warranty card.

Return of goods of good quality *

Goods purchased in retail stores and online store can be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided that: the goods were not in use, its consumer properties, marketable, packaging and documentation.

The return of the jewelry is made at the discretion of the store where you placed your order within 14 days. Refund is possible only in case, if not broken seal, the product does not contain precious stones, has not been used, consumer properties of the saved, tovary appearance, packaging and documentation.
To return a product, please contact our managers by phone listed on the website and inform about the decision to return the item. When exchanging or returning must be in possession of the goods as a complete package, passport and application for a refund.

* We do not accept watches, accessories and other goods with the fading, scratches and other external defects. In addition, not subject to return or exchange the following goods of proper quality "...made of precious metals, precious stones, precious metals with inserts of semiprecious and synthetic stones, faceted gems...".

Return of goods of improper quality (marriage, detection of defects, failure)

In case of breakdown, defect, defects you can return the product in accordance with articles 18 to 24 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights". To return a product, please contact our managers by phone 8 (985) 227-97-12 or email and will notify about the decision to return the item.

Articles 18-24 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights"

Within warranty period exchange or refund purchased in our stores goods are made in all cases subject to the law "On protection of consumer rights" (V. 18-24).

Application for refund, exchange will be considered within 10 calendar days from the date of application email address

During this period you will be asked to carry out defect diagnosis yourself in the service center or send the watch to us for subsequent transmission to the service center if your city does not have a specialised service.
Diagnostics products service center occurs within 14 calendar days.
If the service center claimed defect attributed to factory marriage, we will refund the value of the goods or replace the goods that same brand (model, article) or the same product of another brand (model, article) with appropriate recalculation of the prices with account of the money you spent. If a claimed defect cannot be confirmed as a factory defect, but improper use of the products, our Manager or the Manager of the service center will contact you and inform you the cost of repair, after which you take a decision on further action. In this case, the amount of the money you spent will not be reimbursed!

In addition, the return and exchange hours are possible if: – the service center trying to repair your watch within 45 days, but in the end gives official conclusion that it is impossible; – for each year of the warranty period the watch repeatedly came to the service center and were there together for at least 30 days, and you have the proper entry in the warranty card.

More information about the warranty conditions and the product use you will find the warranty card of the product.
Please note that any questions about the return or exchange of goods of improper quality, we decide ONLY if there is an official conclusion of the warranty service center.